Hot Style Team

Do you want to know the creators of the first issue of the magazine Hot Style? Here they are:


Code and linking: Hank/Draco
Logo: Archibald/Draco
Zaks: Factor6/Anubis/Phantasy/ROLE/Tropyx, Hank/Draco, Surgeon/Vulture Design/Tropyx
Loader & depack system: MMS/Taboo
Authors of articles: V-12/Tropyx, Ryan, Sachy/Wanted Team/Resistance/Lamers, Archibald/Draco, Johny/Lamers, V0yager and Diony (Desperat-Zine)
Interviewed: Kisiel/Icon
Proofreading, editing: V-12/Tropyx
Additional text correction: Hank/Draco
The idea of co-creation magazine: V-12/Tropyx
Translations: Sim, Agata Gizka and V-12.


Code, idea: Hank/Draco
The final touches: V-12/Tropyx
Graphics: Creator, JSL/Covenant/Tropyx/ROLE/Creators/SOS/Autumn Soft
Fonts: Archibald/Draco
Zak: Hank/Draco

Do you like to write? Your passion is to create interesting texts, stories, poems, articles, essays? Hot Style is for you! We guarantee the possibility to publish your own literary work on the pages of our magazine. Please write to the address, attach original works. We will establish cooperation with active creators.

Editorial Staff of Hot Style, December 2014.

Translated by V-12/Tropyx.