You are holding in your hands (or in your disk drives) the floppy with the first number of Hot Style magazine by Tropyx & Draco. It is hard to believe in fact, that the following production was originally expected to be published more than ten years ago. Shocking? Unbelievable? Still true! Since release of the last Polish discmag (it was Newspaper #9 by EXON as I remember, precisely 11 years ago), a long period of time has passed. Too long, to talk about deadlock in the branch of scene writing in our country.

Releasing the first issue of Hot Style we would like to continue the old tradition and show that against expectations there is still a lot to write about. However, we do not want to detach completely from the scene audience. Our magazine is about to bring up a variety of subjects, not only regarding computers. Although in #1 we did not succeed, I guarantee that in the following issues a number of articles beyond long established boundaries of disc magazines will find their place.

Contrary to appearances it was not the meeting with Quartet what motivated me to start a discmag. Less than 2 years ago, during my visit in Warsaw, Jericho and Ryan presented me the vision of reactivating the scene writing. I agreed without any doubt. At RetroKomp 2013 together with Gały, Data, Jericho and Ryan, we proceed to discuss about strategy of creating the journal. In May 2014 was another meeting, but this time with members of Draco group: Dr Guma and Hank. While falling to memories, came out my proposition: lets release a disc magazine together. Gentlemen agreed unanimously and so reactivation of never before released Hot Style came to being.

Next meeting regarding to magazine, took place in the city where I am living – in Szczecin (modest report in proper section ;). This meeting gave us a huge boost of energy to work. The result of our efforts is now before your eyes. Next to disc version, we are planning to set up two versions on-line, and perhaps also on the paper (no big deal, something in type of paper zine).
I am very happy about each one article, that reached my mailbox. What satisfied me even more is the fact, that cover to the first issue of Hot Style was drawn by Sekator ex. Phoenix. Accidental meeting in Internet led to successful cooperation. Sekator had drawn the cover after 20 years break, and it has to be admitted, that he did it very well! Words of appreciation and thanks are directed to Hank as well – finally he is the author of mag code and the one known for the fastest proportional fonts at C64 scene.

In the first issue of Hot Style magazine you can find a good portion of articles mostly regarding to Comodore 64 and computing scene. One of the most interesting publications appeared to be an interview with Kisiel. Apart from that in the Scene section you can read for example how to properly start learning about assembler or how to organise a retro party (both articles by Sachy). Moreover for scene maniacs especially - a good portion of news from 2014.

There are two relations from this year RetroKomp in the Report section, an invitation for AmiParty 18, a report from Stary Piernik 9 (secondary publication, but it deserves to be placed in the mag), a short revision of Tropyx meeting and an archival relation from Satellite 2000 & Kindergarten, which after 14 years, finally found itself in the right place.

The Hardware corner contains opinions regarding two electronical starters to Commodore 64: SD2IEC and UK1541.

In the Game section you can find even 5 game reviews and 2 articles regarding triumph of Super Mario Bros and tutorial how to beat Arkanoid without trainer.

For fans of light literature we are enclosing 5 tales. One written by V0yager. The second comes from blog Desperat-Zine, with Diony as author. For dessert, an archival third episode of Unlucky Franek written by me 14 years ago, and Wietnam - a war story by Archibald. Next to epic, we encourage you also to an art called Big Scene, written by Archibald as well and held in convention of Greek drama.

Aside from that, we have prepared the Variety corner. Very old texts will be placed there, which were written with a thought of publication in Hot Style and Speaker magazines. Seeing that their expire date is already passed, one is asking to read them with respective distance. In other sections you may also find few archival reports, therefore each one is going to have a proper note containing date of production.

Going ahead of statements like "In today’s scene it is not worth to publish disc magazines", we are saying - it is not true! It is always worth. However we do not want read only by a handful of recipients, that is why we are offering you the magazine in two types of online version. First one prepared by Hank, and it has to be admitted that he did a great job. Person responsible for the second is inter alia me, helping myself with experience of conducting three different websites with articles.

Therefore... It is my pleasure to invite you to read, and to cooperation. Feel free to write articles regarding whichever subjects, but of course according to certain norms and to sense of good taste. We are open for all ideas and we guarantee and the same time, that anything what happened to SS, will not find the place in HS. :)

All the best!