I have a SPLENDID idea! - a nightmare of a (Polish) copy-party organizer


Starting a computer meeting/happening/party the „unfortunate” organizer usually already has some kind of experience, basic ideas, or a vision how it shall be done. The general outline – a global outlook what can be done with available infrastructure (the budget-size, logistics, rooms, projectors, tables, chairs or how many helpful hands will be there to help him out.... and so on).

The bigger experience the organizer has (and the infrastructure knowledge) the better chance to avoid some issues, or even a failure, is. While preparing, he is thinking about everything, about party's all steps and timetable, schedule, how to literally lure the (not only polish) sceners ;) and make them participate and have great fun and, what is important, good memories.

There are dozens if not hundreds of small, even banal thingies to be done. Not mentioning all the explanations, on different forums (if it is a multi-platform party – many forums shall be informed, thus many questions answered as well), whether there is a „sleeping-room”, or whether beer could be consumed inside, or if there gonna be a free, hot-soup for everyone. Briefly - some of the questions seem to be very co(s)mic, knowing everything was written in the „party rules and behavior” web page. Well, that's normal, or at least, it should be.

But let's come back to the forum explanations for the people interested in. There, after being warmly applauded for the party-idea, it slowly „starts”... Some future participants start to propose their own party-date, since not everyone is off for the very same weekend the organizers had proposed (let's say the party will take place on one weekend) and the first small discussion, what we can call „the best party date”, starts.

After organizers' explanations what this party edition's schedule gonna be, the REAL adventure for our, please-God-help-him, organizing-hero starts. Why? Because the first post entitled „I have a SPLEDID idea” have appeared.

Comparing to this, the out-of-the-subject discussions in the INFO-ORGA posts are just peanuts. The subjects as „last editions' memories” are funny and may sometimes be really helpful. That's normal. Quite annoying are posts with explicit vocabulary or even offending words towards another forum-guy or even addressed to the organizer himself. But well, we can bear with it (to some limits, of course... of course).

But THE not-so-easy..., ha!, the biggest, let's say it, nightmare is different. What can make us at least WTF, is an a person, an enthusiast, who has... GREAT ideas how to improve the party! At the very beginning, the bloke is polite, glorifying the organizers-crew saying how good the previous editions were. He says that he had heard, from his various reliable sources, that the previous editions were „ossom”, „awe” (whatever you may imagine) and that he is sure this time it would be even better. And here it is, out of nowhere, he got a new, great idea which starts by: „Guys! Have not you been thinking about...” and „Ha orga-dudes! And if you would have done...”. followed by how better organize the party to reach its summit. Sometimes, what I find as the most proper way to do it, the organizers are sent private mails with „great ideas”, but most often the „proposition” is being promoted (on purpose or accidently) in the public forum.

The ideas are various, really. Sometimes... well - bad. Sometimes quite nice. But in most cases (99%), the issue is not the idea itself, the issue is how it was proposed to the orga-crew, let's say even - promoted – and all the advises how the idea's realization should be done.

Usually, the forum-guy insists a lot on the orgas, to make his idea being accepted and at the end - realized. You may have a direct impression, that the wise-guy awaits the organizer’s applause trying, at the same time, to convince all the other forum-readers about its righteousness. More! He is sure that without his proposition, the party will not be complete, will not be at its best level, or even that without it - „everything would be without sense!!”.

The argument we may also hear at this point from the „enthusiast” is - „If you gonna introduce my idea, I surely will go to the party. Otherwise, I do not see any sense to leave my comfortable room.” Yes, you read it right... The „enthusiast” would not even think to ask whether the schedule is already done, or full, or not. Or would not ask himself a question about whether his idea would even match this schedule, the organizational theme for this edition's timetable.

THE idea is THE idea, like there were nothing apart and the enthusiast behaves so. He tries to stick up with other dudes to force it by. Thus, in such a situation, the organizer founds himself in not-too-comfortable situation. Instead of informing in the thread about the party, about the preparations, eventual surprises (among the other information like discussions, help), the thread becomes a I HAVE AN IDEA only discussion.

It has to be admited that all feedbacks, remarks are truly welcome but forcing. All the advices too as well, on the private mail. These kinda information must and are listened to. But here, we are talking about a person(or more than one in some cases), who forces the organizers to do what he says, without, let me say, having a choice, and the person himself is often not going to the party! Why not going you may ask? And well, because he felt offended for not being listened to by the organizers.

As other „orgaz” already know that well, we do not ignore the posts in the party-information thread. We patiently, exhaustively and with all possible details and with a high cultural note (sometimes I ask myself here - why the heck..?..) answer all the questions and subjects. We are the HOSTs here, so as a one, everything coming from us shall and should be flawless and perfect. No place for a slightest weakness nor irritation, neither nothing (like being tired ;). The forum also plays a role of a party-advertisement and as an introductive medium for those who hesitate to come or have never been to the party.

Thus our organizer here, had to patiently answer EVERY smallest question and suggestion pointing precisely out the realization-time (which counts in months in our case), the costs, the schedules, why proposed idea is ok, or why „next time” or how the organizer „dares” to answer „it will not happen this year, it will not make it”.

Sometimes other realistically-thinking forum participants are about time extinguishing all the mess, but most often, when the „new-splendid-idea-adviser” reads what he does not want to, he tries to convince the others to follow him and.... if he succeeded in doing so, the orga-team are immediately caught in to the cross-fire. And we have a theatre – neutral dudes are reading with curiosity what the organizers are answering for all the fire assault. Thus instead of taking his time in organizing and pushing the party to „ready to go”, the discussion takes place... looong discussion, since, as I said, all the arguments must be gently and patiently answered. And there is no end of arguments!! Thus, time passes by on a an unproductive, energy consuming activity, very short nights appears, and the energy flows away in vain...

BUT, there is somkinda of organizer's last hope. A secret weapon (but not that of a mass destruction;). This one, is usually kept in case of a particular annoying and hostile attack, cause it is a real RPG and may hurt also the organizer as well!

This weapon is an invitation. Yes - inviting the adviser to organizing „his own part”, or/and also co-organizing the whole party. And here, usually one may observe an act of silence, or even a „ninja-disappearance” of the adviser. Sometimes, it may happen the „enthusiast” picks the gauntlet up, but usually, he gives quite early up, just after confronting first difficulties (which are obvious while organizing such an event). And thus the case is rapidly solved and closed. But it may also happen that our hard-core-advising enthusiast will take things seriously and cope well with all the stuff. In such a case, the organizer has nothing left to do than to be surprised, give respect and welcome a new member to the organizing board. What is what I deeply wish to the all organizers as well as to all „I-have-a-SPLENDID-idea” dudes, from the bottom of my heart.

(RetroKomp main organizer since 2012 :)

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