Invitation to the AmiParty


Ha! A New Year is almost up on us. It is a time when almost everyone makes recapitulations and new resolutions... and we may conclude on which party we were and how much did on spend on them ;). Personally, I can say that 2014 was a good year for me. I was at some very nice and successful meetings and made some great new relations. Moreover, I also met some old cronies and that brought good memories and smile on our faces =). I was, and still I am, so happy that I eager to visit another meetings and parties.

New scene-season starts on February for me. There, together with Jericho [C64] and Deadman [Amiga] I will once again visit the AmiParty in Chełm in Poland, organized by „Chełm Amiga Legion”.

I found out about the party from Deadman four years ago. He had found the information on one FB-page and started to urge us to come with him. Urge... Exhort even!

Personally, till the last day I was not too convinced and sure what one can expect from such a Amiga party and, Good Heavens, how pleasantly surprised I was once who have arrived there.

I hopefully thought I would confront the piles of C64 and Amigas, and once the door opened, my poor ears heard a squeaking and annoying POKEY sound coming from a couple of 8-bit Ataris fired up together. Aaaaa!!!

The beginning perhaps was not up promising, but soon it turned out that dudes behind those Ataris have also other -GOOD- machines ;). We found a cozy place, just below the big-screen ;), and arranged there our stand with a C64. From now on, we were sucked in by the party... The time passed by fast between the 8 and 16bit machines. We were not able to count the hours... What hours, by the way?

I have good and funny memories from the party. For example, imagine a demo for the Atari65XE (reinforced by a 1MB module), which needed 5 minutes (yes, five minutes) to load from an SD card, to finally just show the audience a big Polish Country Disco sample. Hahaha ;). Fortunately, we managed to capture the party main-amplifier and we connected the SID in there. After such a profane disco noise, it was like blissful harped-sound for our ears...

The party was good. We decided to be back the following year.

And we did so. We were even steady-ready for it a month earlier waiting impatiently. Once arrived we were assured that also this time the scene guys did their best. More Amigas than the previous year, but C64 and ZX as well in a bigger representation then we expected. People with pleasure and passion were sharing their knowledge about all the expansions and turbo carts for the Amiga. We could see them in action too. Since then, I personally want to have an Amiga 500!!

The Chełm crew did their best for the visitors. As for the evening gig, a person, known in the circles as DjMario, stood behind the „decks” and cheered us up with a great chip-tune selection mix. Thus it made us dance... but hey, not alone! Some nice Ami-gals ;) were there too, leaving their computer behind for us :)).

Also this party was nice... It's been 3 years since we are going there (and back;) directly from the WarSaw City, through SkarLand to the city of Chełm, just by the Ukrainian border. Everytime we have a great fun. We have also a good time and exchange with the users of Amigas and C64s.. But not only. There are also ZX represents and some Atarians (for whom we are always happy to offer a „sackcloth” with bunch of pure coal – in any case – since we are a good Atarian's friends ;).

The party is usually hold in a more cameral, private atmosphere rather than a big dozens-of-scenners one. And that is what we really like about it. No one feels alone, no one feels rejected or ignored and no one’s twiddling one's thumbs. There is always someone who wants to talk, to exchange with you about every subject.

Soo.... We are always happy to go there. And if I gave you a slightest will and idea to go there, do not hesitate to contact us, or to follow the FB page And if you happen to speak Polish, just look at the „” forum.

Greetings fellow scenners.


NB. The next edition of AmiParty will take place on 11th-13th of August 2017. I will be back there, and what about you? ;>

Translation: Sim / Wanted Team, Lamers, Resistance, Titan...