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I re-discovery of this well-known music group started on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000. Back then, If I remember correctly, I was watching some German TV station when suddenly a music program about this Swedish group was broadcasted. Before that day, I knew 4 or 5 the most famous tracks from them, but I was not paying too much attention. But that very day, on the NYEve, I said – they are brilliant. Since, for me, ABBA is the best music group ever formed on this Globe.

Yes, I know, there are plenty of information available on the fan-pages, in the fan-zines, fan-clubs (do they still exist nowadays?), but here below I present what I have discovered on my own, searching back in the day, in the press (available to me), from articles, from TV programs and so on... So please, treat this article more as a my historical research-information, and a small article which may entertain you. Who knows, maybe even you gonna learn something? What would be very cool...

So let me start by presenting you a short history of the ABBA group. It all started in a quite original way, since every ABBA member had already tried his/her luck in the music industry. When in 1964 Bjorn and Benny met together, they were already pulling some strings on their own. In 1969 Bjorn met Agnetha. Benny from the other hand – met Frida. The first couple, i.e.Benny and Agnetha decided to marry on July, 7th 1971. A year after the wedding, on July 1972, ABBA (in fact they were using „Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid” name) releases their first single ”People Need Love”. We had to wait 9 months until a whole LP got release. It was on a March day, 1973 and the album was entitled „Ring Ring”. But their real career started on April, 6th 1974, with winning an international music competition better known as the EUROVISION. Already under the new name - ABBA – they try to prove they are not a group of just a one hit (what usually happens to the Eurovision competition winners).

Just ONE month later, on May, 4th 1974 the new LP called „Waterloo” hits the shop's shelves. The album, imo, is really interesting, presenting a line of very interesting titles, among which „Watch Out” and „Honey Honey” marked me, personally, the most. Ofkoz the whole 33” is a top notch, but these two titles I have just mentioned needed to be underlined.

The group was working hard, what was not widely remarked, giving only few gigs. They had decided to polish their music rather spending all their time on tour. Ha! But still - they showing off.

We had to wait only one year to hear the next ABBA's album called „ABBA”, which was released on June, 7th, 1975. There we have such a big titles as „S.O.S.” or „I Do, I Do, I Do”... Unfortunately, I could not found this LP yet , but after some readings, it must kick, I presume as well (or even better) then the previous ABBA's long plays.

Meanwhile, being more and more known, ABBA released a „Greatest Hits” vinyl. It was something really great. But it was not all. When the „Dancing Queen”, single got released, the real ABBA-mania started. In all the music charts ABBA climbed... climbed... hit the 1st place! EVERYwhere. In October, 1976 they visited Poland giving a long awaited concert in a „Studio 2” TV station's studio. A month later, in November 1976, another brand new album hit the shelves. For me, writing these words, this album, entitled „Arrival”, is simply the best ABBA released (but hey, I do not know all of them yet ;). Every song is great and kicks! And that what is all about.

December 1977 – another, well kicking long play called „The Album” (with such a hits like „Take Chance Of Me”) and a movie - „The Movie”. This was the time when ABBA started to use the synthesizers (what I personally love the most).

On October, 8th 1978, Frida and Benny finally decided to seal their relation by a wedding. As for the second couple, and well, on December, the same year, Agnetha and Bjorn decided to separate. What was the real reason – I could not found yet. Perhaps it is known, perhaps not...

Time passed by. On April, 23rd 1979, another long play saw the light of the day - „Voulez-vous” containing some decent songs, including „Gimme! Gimme!...”

On November, 3rd, 1980, „Super Trouper” - another record by ABBA released. And soon, another shocking news hit the fans – only after 3 years of being together – on Februrary, 1981 Frida and Benny got divorced. One could not wait long... And it could not lasted long neither. Under such personal circumstances, when both couples were not together anymore it only sped up the end of the group. On November, 30th 1981 we could hear the notes from another new LP - „The Visitors” followed shortly by two emotional, touching and deep singles „The Day Before You Came” and „Under Attack”... and.... since 1982 - nothing from ABBA. The rest was silence. But it was not the end for Frida, nor for Benny, neither for Bjorn and Agnetha. They were pursuing their own ways as solo artists.

We had to wait five years, to see the all four ABBA members together. On August, 1986, they decided to stick up to release the last „Live” long play. And that's was all. They split to continue their solo careers.

ABBA was still active as an empty name-only group releasing more and more boring compilations and remasterings. All the real ABBA albums got remastered in 1997.

On August, 1998, after 12 years (since 1986) all four ABBA members decided to meet. Just to meet with no group reactivation. A year after, on June, 1999, they decided to meet again. But it was out of question to rebuild ABBA again. And that's all.

To sum it shortly up - ABBA did a lot for the music. The number of fans Worldwide is getting bigger and bigger with every day. Sometimes fans are too big, in my opinion...

What do I mean by that? All the groups (such as A*TEENS or STEPS) trying to imitate real ABBA or making their covers. Personally I find it quite annoying, to say it delicately.

But well, it is like that.

And what the ABBA members are doing nowadays (in 2000 ;). Well, having a rest. The rumor had it that Agnetha would be back, but... who knows..

Ha, besides their still young music, physically they look very young as well (magic or what?)! Little change can be seen physically. Yes, time flies by, but the ladies are still charming and look great.

Final words...

I can say, that for today ABBA is my music group number ONE. :) No matter whether there will be a new album or not. Hummmm. The music scene, reminds me a our C64 one (as every scene) – there are comebacks and there are good-byes forever.

As for the latter one, it is a pity. :(

This article, as mentioned previously, was written in 2000 and was based on my personal, yet back in the days not so easy'n'fast to gather, knowledge.

H.M.Murdock of Tropyx/Oxygen64/Draco/Lasser


Translation: Sim / Wanted Team, Lamers, Resistance, Titan...