Review of Paper Plane


Behind the window was a chilly, autumnal evening, and in addition, the middle of the week. In these particular days I am usually bored. So I took my Commodore 64 from my wardrobe, dusted it down, took the cable and connected it to the monitor. After some time the sweet note of SID came from pastel yellowed loudspeaker and a glass monitor filled with colorful rasterbars, greetings and graphics from next demos. After watching some news, everything was dull again. I thought – it isn't the same when I am watching demo alone and when I am watching it with men, who like me, are obsessed with computer, but it came to my mind that Pablo "V-12" had asked me to write the review of a game to magazine. So I decided to visit the website and scrolled down the news. I choose, downloaded and started to enjoy the game. To be honest, the only things that caught my attention were the title of the game and the fact that it was the first game that I found on this website. Its name is Paper Plane.

The game was published in 2014 by the group RESET Magazine. Paper Plane was encrypted by Roy Fielding, the music was written by Timo Taipalus. The idea, physic and the rest of the game are based on the iOS system that has the same title. I can sum up it in one sentence – it is simply port or a clone of this game. Nevertheless, the whole game deserves recognition because since I have used Commodore 64 I have never seen such a game. It is the kind of arcade and seems to be Hexagon or Flappy Bird. The graphic is colorful, lucid and you cannot see pixels that you could see in games from early 80s. The animation of the background of paper plane is well-made. I can't say that it has great special effects but it is good. The physic also leaves a lot to be desired because the paper plane only drops downwards the infinitely deep well so as to avoid the obstacles that protrude from walls. Unfortunately, any, even the slightest touch of a single pixel by the small plane, cause loss of steering and lift. As a result, we drop downwards.

This game doesn't have sound effects like sound of the hit against the wall or the change of direction of flight – that is what I miss a bit. In the beginning, the music that was written by Timo Taipalus is nice but at one point, it starts to be dull. After some time the music starts to annoy our sense of hearing. Unfortunately, we can't switch off this irritating music so there is only one solution: we have to turn down the music in our Commodore monitor. The standard of gameplay is high, maybe too high because the game is very hard. Without cheats I could gain only 19 points. You have to be very skillful to engage in higher level and so the game quickly becomes annoying but bear in mind that the level of difficulty is not always the rule. There are a lot of games that are tough but pleasant.

What it comes to this kind of games, Paper Plane is not so bad. In my opinion physic is definitely big plus and also the whole idea is a wonderful asset (including the fact that it is only the iOS port). We also can't forget about the graphic and animation that are pleasing to the eye. The level of difficulty and monotonous music are clearly visible downsides which can get on players nerves. There is also lack of sound effects. Summing up, I spent my evening trying to complete another level and it was very exhausting and my irritation got the better of the willingness to complete the game. This is the game that you'd better play with your friends, sipping an alcohol-free beer than alone, in the privacy of your home. I can recommend it only for this kind of meetings. My assessment is 3/5. Fortunately, the evening was not wasted, because I have used my Commodore 64 and downloaded a lot of new games which I will test and shortly describe. Thanks for reading my modest review. :)


Translated by Agata Gizka.