Review of the Game FlashBier


30 years ago a fictional character from German cartoons, named Warner, appeared on Commodore 64 in the game FlashBier. It was made by Peiselulli – a man who became famous a few years ago because of his excellent productions on DTV. Maybe not many know that he had played a role in some demos such as Comaland or Coma Light 13.

Werner (the main character) succeeded in the field of German cartoons. We have to do with funny guy with long (drunken?) nose. Warner had been created by Rötger Feldmann; the first cartoon had been published in 1981. 4 years later the unknown Peiselulli decided to mix two types of games Boulder Dash and Mr. Do! And... encrypted FlashBier! To be precise it means a bottle of beer. Thanks to Werner's popularity in Germany, the cartoon character with long, big nose became the main character of the game FlashBier. His task is to pass 44 levels of the game and to find a bottle of beer in order to complete the level, but on C64 it is something like TV set instead of bottle of beer.

FlashBier looks like Boulder Dash and some laws of physics are the same but not every. The creatures move in a very strange way (sometimes you can get the impression that they are moving randomly). If you take a look at them you will understand why they are moving in empty space. Werner can touch these strange monsters except for the creature that is running towards our hero.

Another difference between FlashBier and the game Boulder Dash is the lack of possibility to move stones to the left and right. You can't also kill the creatures by using the stones. However, the stone can eliminate Warner if you aren't careful and fast. The main character doesn't collect diamonds, he only looks for exit doors.

You have to be patient if you play FlashBier. Underground competition demands not only proficiency in adjusting the joystick but also the ability to think logically. Some levels are very difficult to complete. Nevertheless, the game can still bring you a lot of fun.

Even monotonous music from Pink Panther movie and the lack of animate graphic shouldn't discourage you from playing FlashBier. If you are an ardent fan of Boulder Dash you'll absolutely feel the difference. It is worth seeing how Werner handle in underground world. When the opportunity arise don't forget to say Peiselulli that he had done a really, really good job (I've already made it)!

V-12/Tropyx (16.11.2014.)

Translated by Agata Gizka.