Scene News 2014


In this article here below, the reader gonna find a handful of scene news I gathered during the year 2014. Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and far from being 1oo% complete, never the less it gives us some important information - that the C64 scene is still alive, has a lot of comes-and-goes, group changes and rotations. Sooo, let us go!

The Art of writing and releasing of disc magazines in Poland has returned! The united forces of Tropyx and Draco groups gave us the first number of Hot Style. The zine has two versions – a C64 floppy and the on-line on the Net. The dics cover was exclusively drawn by Sekator (ex. Feniks), who thus marked his great come back after 20 years of being in a sleep.

After 16 years of silence, we were pleased to see the newest, 28th issue of Propaganda disc magasie. The editorial crew has been reinforced by no less then Hedning and L.A.Style. The issue was released under the flag of Genesis*Project and Propaganda Magazine Staff.

A famous musician - Linus – joined two groups : Oxyron i MultiStyle Labs.

MultiStyle Labs was also reinforced by two polish musicians: Booker and MCH.

Death of Oxyron/Arsenic/Hitmen after 25 years decided to change his nick for N3XU5.

Graphicians Elko and Deekay joined Oxyron.

A pixel wizard Mirage left Censor Design and joined Booze Design. A few months earlier, Booze Design was also reinforced by a new coder - Ruk.

Yip is a new member of Artline Designs. He is a coder and musician as well.

Bieno64 joined Onslaught as a tester. Scout from the other hand have left [O] from personal reasons.

Swiss crew Atlantis has widen its memberstatus. New members are Kompositkrut as a coder, graphic artist and a musician, Saxxon as a coder, cracker and musician as well, Unifier as a coder and last but not least - Ald as a musician.

Hokuto Force has narrowed its rows. They decided to say Buddha good bye. Thus Buddha has probably stopped all scene activities and his upcoming music collection „Buddha Music Disk #2” will probably not be released.

Scot/ex. Matrix joined Padua as a coder. Aforementioned Buddha also tried his luck with, but Padua members firmly refused giving the same reasons as the HF earlier (his posts on the FB page before the Revision 2014 Party).

Sad news have touched the C64 scene community – on april, 2014 Mr.Alpha of Nostalgia passed away. :(

DJ Gruby (ex. Cactus) did quite a few confusions in the memberstatus of some scene groups. . First, during few moths he was a member of Dream (once again after several years of not being in ) and Excess. Meanwhile, he also joined Protovision, and.... TRIAD too! It does not took long – just four days, at the end of September - to see him saying bye to Excess, Dream and Arsenic respectively. What is important to mention is that DJ Gruby was a founder of Dream back in 1995. I wonder what we gonna see next from such a dynamic personality :) ?

After a Dream's 1993 reactivation, the group welcomed a new fellow - Odyn - as a graphic artist.

Graphician – Shine, joined Excess and a the same time he reinforced Scene World Magazine Staff. It made him, none the less, leave Dream. But it is not over – together with Mate they formed, on May, 2014, a new group - Score, and rapidly released a demo „Scorelative”.

Splatterpunk left Vulture Design.

Hokuto Force welcomed in its ranks the following individuals: Thunder.Bird as a tester, Fredrik as a musician and Vincenzo Mainolfi as a coder and cracker. The formation at the same time was left by : Karmody, Kickback, Pippo79, Raffox and TomoAlien.

After 13 years of cooperation, Vandalism News Staff were diminished by Ed and Joe. The latter one left Crest as well. Ed - from the other hand - said bye to Onslaught.

Protovision was joined by JSL as a graphician and Prime Suspect as a coder.

New members in TRIAD: Moloch as a coder and cracker. Nith joined as graphician, coder and musician. The group was left by Ruk, Malmix and Pezac.

Wisdom (musician and coder) widen a memberstatus of SHAPE.

Mollpauk joined Hoaxers as a musician.

The longest active C64 group these days - Fantastic 4 Cracking Group – decided to take some new members aboard: Stainless Steel joined as a musician and coder and xIII as a graphician and coder as well. Ksubi left just after 8 months of membership.

Guy Shavitt is back! At least for a while. He released a tune for X'2014 party and took a good, 6th position. The tune is called „Dust and Rust”.

Genesis*Project also got some new, fresh blood: Akira as graphician and musician, Metalux as a coder and Kobi and Kenet as graphicians.

Conrad of Samar/Onslaught/Viruz went to hiatus.

Fanta left Viruz.

That's all for this issue. Another news are on its way soooon.

V-12/Tropyx in 2014.

Translation: Sim / Wanted Team, Lamers, Resistance, Titan...