September Tropyx Meeting


On the first weekend of September, 2014, at V-12's headquaters took place an unofficial Tropyx scene-meeting. Five dudes were brave enuff to show themselves up, with one almost fresh member. The weather was particularly nice that weekend, with a beautiful sun who witnessed our grill party and our not-only-scene discussions.

The meeting in fact has started on September, 5th, when on the evening Jericho showed us his smiling face. He was travelling directly from Warsaw to meet us. Unfortunately Jericho was not able to bring Ryan with him. The latter one has just changed his agenda and decided to stay at home (hello Ryan ;)). It made me feel kinda disappointed, but well, it might have been a real reason to stay, I trust, and there will be another nice occasions to see and talk :). Here I wish to send my kudos to Jericho who hopped in to the train directly from his job to be ASAP in Szczecin, where I live ATM.

Hehehe.. ;). Marcin (Jericho) had some funny(?) situations during his journey. While changing the train, he was mistakenly told to take not the right one, so it made him to go to... Ulikowo. To make him be faster with us we had to go and pick him up by car ;). It took us some time, but was worth it – a smiling face of Jericho is priceless ;). Especially when he was waiting for us long hours, in the middle of nowhere.

After all those travelling adventures, finally at my place, Jericho and me, we started to talk and... did not noticed when the Saturday arrived. The overwhelming silence was really blissful (sporadically interrupted by trains’ sounds coming from far away) we decided, well especially Jericho, to spend our time outside, while filling our tummies with juicy cherries (yum, yum!).

Suddenly we had a nice idea! We had three dead C64s lying around (brought by Jericho). So... Yes, a hardware challenge. The first one resurrected by... itself. I, have not even touched it, hehe! Ouff, lucky beginning it was :). The second was a little more demanding – a Jiffy DOS switch - when broken it results by giving a black screen. The last C64 PCB was not a „good girl”, if you know what I mean. We had to verify some parts, desoldering some too, to finally find out that it was a 4464 chip who was the guilty one.

After these successful reanimations, and some rest, we welcomed our new visitors on the early morning. The first was a motor-biker AutoMateusz (son of Jemasoft of Quartet). A little bit later we, already 3 of us, welcomed Data and Kyno, who came by a city bus. So... finally we were all (all-most;)). Our meeting could have finally started for GOOD :).

As these private meetings have it, we started our small party with nice discussions, not forgetting the BBQ on the fresh air, since the weather was on our side, while sipping the beverages of our convenience.

Soon the time has come to watch some demos which I had been given by my friend - mCCnEx of Wanted Team. To do so, we moved inside to fire my, ehem... Amiga 1200, up. After some old and new Amiga demos, we moved on to our beloved Commodore 64 to watch some more. It was a nice scene introduction of the scene history to AutoMateusz, who did not missed the occasion to give me 2 broken C64 PCBs, both - property of Jemasoft. Curiosity - some of QUARTET demos were coded on one of these PCBs. I was pleased to have them between my hands :).

Till the late hours we were watching, talking over and discussing the scene productions as well as some plans for the upcoming year. Since we are not made of steel anymore ;) – in the late night, the sensation of fatigue started to manifest itself. So we went, one by one to bed to have some rest.

Sunday, the last day has come as well as the moment to say goodbye. First was AutoMateusz who left us already during late Saturday's evening. Next was Kyno – who left the very early Sunday's morning. Together with Data we saw Jericho off to the train station. But that was not over! Data decided to stay few more days ;) so the party continued. During these days we hosted Spider twice, we repaired and soldered another C64 boards (Jemasoft's 2 got resurrected too), we were outside to have some fun with Kyno and Mateusz.

Wow, it was a very cozy September Tropyx's (and Draco's) meeting in Szczecin. I want to thank everyone to show up, and hope to see (and other guys too) you next time, dudes!

V-12/Tropyx (16.12.2014 r.)

Translation: Sim / Wanted Team, Lamers, Resistance, Titan...